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 Founded in 2017, we're a small business in rural Indiana U.S.A. Thank you for your support. Fast-armour 3d Printing makes, designs, and delivers cost-effective 3D printing miniatures and products for our customers. We support our gamers & modelers. If you need parts for broken models or have a design that you would like for your game Let us know. We're happy to help.


Were Piloting a game Called "World War Commander"

1939-1945 EW
World War Commander
A Real-Time Game By: (Chuck-A-Grenade )
World War Commander
A turn-based real-time strategy game based on the WW2 European Theater using scale miniatures on 4” inch square scale maps. Included is a complete rule set for armies of the German and American Army’s and how to conduct battle engagements.
Shout out’s
My Wife & Family: Thank you for giving me the time to complete this game. I have wanted to complete this for some time. Thank you for giving me the late nights and countless hours to myself, your sacrifice allowed me to put this together. Love
My Fans: Thank you for your continued support as there are so many Miniature WW2 games on the market. I do hope you enjoy and play this game. I look forward to commanding units in a battle with you sometime. My promise to you is to do my best to include the right balance while staying true the effectiveness of the military units on the battlefield in WW2 in addition to providing a cost-minded fun game for all mature ages. I will include just enough stratagems not to be overwhelming with rules, but to be fun easy to read to allow you to make quick game decisions to play rapidly and each turn allowing your command decisions to take you to victory.
Competitors: I’m not out to be the most profitable, but maybe the most popular game out there. Every ww2 miniature game manufacturer out there is better at selling & marketing than one guy in his gaming garage. I’m just out to make a quick fun miniature game that brings people off the computer and back to a social atmosphere of the gaming table. I would like to provide 3d printer diagrams of units and buildings to allow players to enjoy this game without a million dollar investment, that way players can experiment with all units and combinations and make their own scenarios and style of play. I have invested in allot of now dead games to mention a few (Axis & Allies, Mage knight, Mech Warrior, Star Wars pocket models.) my experience and imagination from these games has allowed me to apply several techniques in the building of this game and I hope you enjoy World War Commander.
Thanks: I want to say thanks to the following games (Axis & Allies, Mage Knight, Mech Warrior, Star Wars pocket models. and AD&D.) These games have given me inspiration and drive to create this game. They have given me the creativity to put my flavor and mechanics to build a miniature’s game. Thank you, Google and the internet for your public free pictures and WI-KI along with US and Foreign governments for your research to which I have donated. I have developed units infantry based off real life recorded statistics and documented battles. Thank you for your research and those historians who spend the time to dig up history to validate the facts and those who took the time to measure amour thickness all of your information has influenced this game and has corrected history.